BackToNormal Pre-Alpha Stage 2

PRODUCT NOTE: This is a Pre-Alpha build. Nothing from this stage will be released as it is. Some features might not work or may be limited. Please share your feedback and report any issue to our Contact Form on the BackToNormal Official Website.

Thank you for your support!

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BackToNormal is a new type of project named “All-In-One” game which has something for everyone! It’s a life simulator, meaning you have to survive, adapt and craft. As you advance in game your can also customize houses and cars the way you have always wanted to! We would first like for players to try it in a solo experience, partly because some of our features are in progress, and we are working hard to perfect them and to give the best experience to the players before anything else and, partly because we want them to give us a fresh opinionated look onto what we have done so far and we would like them to explore the title as it is now, in its Alpha state.
The main idea around the game is based on combining different types of gameplay, for example: survival games, life simulator games, shooters, (partially) horror games and so on!
As for the studio, which has the same name as its first released game, it was founded a couple of years ago by a group of a few young people who wanted to “bring to the table” a new look into the game industry, their young and creative vision.