General Update – Website + Game


For our first post on our website we would like to thank to all of our members and supporters that helped us and had patience when we started this project. We evolved since then and we will continue to evolve so we can deliver a better content to our users. We will try to make weekly posts with updates for our website and our game project in development.


Here is what we changed this week:

BackToNormal Game

  • Vehicle System is now live in-game with some of the features and bugs fixed:
    • Replication Fixed.
    • Survival System HUD still on-screen after possessing the vehicle.
    • Survival System HUD not working after getting out of the vehicle.
  • Because we now have the Vehicle System running on the map we needed to get rid of the hard edges (that were not intended) from the current map. 
  • Future buildings will now have a placeholder that will cover the area where it will be place
  • Interactable foliage (placeholder till the final system release)


  • Every user can now register on the website
  • Website Optimization (faster load time)
  • Minor redesign changes

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